Smart Mobile Repairing Course in Ranchi.

chip level training of Smart Android Mobile Phone in Ranchi
Mobile Phone Repairing Institute in Ranchi

Advance Institute provides three types of Duration.

1. Mobile Repairing Training in 3 Months.
2. Mobile Repairing Training in 1 Month.
2. Mobile Repairing Training in 10 Days.
Advance Smart Mobile Repairing Course in Ranchi with Industry experts will ensure Students the best of everything. Latest Mobile Repair Techniques will be shared, be it highly advanced machines and tools which helps make process of mobile reapiring easy and simple, which everyone can not provide you with. As trainers have industry know how, they will share their experience of different Mobiles with you to make you understand different conditions.
To be a successful chip level and Card level repairing technician of smart Mobile Phone, one must understand its complete designing, IC system ,motherboard, signal & data transfer sequence, and other smart phones details in different phone's motherboards which takes time and hard work. But if you can study and practice hard, then you can learn how to repair Mobile Hardware very easily and earn huge amount of money and increase your additional income . To achieve such wonderful career you must get very good knowledge in Mobiles motherboard architecture to understand & troubleshoot any problem to repair them easily. At Advance Institute of Smart Mobile Phone Repair course in Ranchi, Students will be trained under the guidance of Electronics Engineers, engaged in Smart Phone motherboard chip level training and repairing since 2009. Our 100% practical based Smart Phone repair training program in Ranchi will make Students an expert in chip level repairing within 3 months.

  • SMD Electronics Introduction
  • Difference between A.C & D.C
  • Conductor, Insulator, Semi Conductor.
  • Passive and Active Components
  • Resistor Color Coding
  • Resistor Series and Parallel Connectivity.
  • Resistor Checking Method
  • Types of Capacitor
  • SMD Capacitor and its checking method
  • What is Transformer? And its types
  • SMD Transformer and Transformer checking method
  • Power diode, Zener diode, Photo diode, LED and smd diode
  • Diode application –bridge rectifier
  • Bipolar Junction Transistor-NPN & PNP
  • Uni Junction Transistor –FET,MOSFT & CMOSFET
  • Difference between Transistor and mosfet
  • Normal & SMD Transistor Checking method
  • .What is Integrated Circuits[IC]
  • Types of IC –pin & Ball IC
  • PIN IC-Single Side Ic, double side Ic and four side square Ic
  • Various Model of Ball ic
  • Fabrication Structure of IC
  • Pin details of ic
  • Different types of Motherboard & Its Component
  • Power good Signal (PGS).
  • Power Section Explanation and Various Power Connectors details
  • Motherboard Various Sections Cold Checking Method
  • Processor & its Section Explanation
  • Processor Manufacturing Companies
  • Identification, General Block Diagram of CPU Section
  • General VRM Circuit Function
  • Old Chipset Diagram
  • Various Chipset Block Diagram details
  • Chipset Near Components & IC Removing Method-Visual (Now a days use BGA Machine to remove this chip set IC)
  • IO IC Identification in Various Motherboards
  • IO Hardware Monitor
  • IO IC Removing & Re-fixing
  • Step by step booting Process
  • How to Identify the Bios Chip on various Motherboard
  • Bios IC Removing Tools
  • Bios Socket Base Pin Details
  • Identify the Bios IC Numbers
  • Identify the Bios IC Companies
  • Bios Jumpers Details
  • Bios IC Removing & Re-fixing
  • Bios Update Procedure
  • Bios Update
  • Bios Error Codes
  • Bios Password Recovery
  • IC Identification in the Motherboard
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