Mobile Chip Level Training in Colombo.

Training institute for Mobile Phone chip level repairing in Colombo
Smart Mobile Phone Repairing Course in Colombo.

Time Duration for Mobile Repairing Course.

1.Mobile course in 6 Months.
Weekend batches: Take 3-4 Hour class (saturday and Sunday).
2. Mobile course in 3 Month.
weekly batches: Take 2 Hours Class (Monday to Saturday).
2. Mobile course in 1 Month.
Take 4-5 Hour class (Monday to Saturday).
Generally, when some one search for chip level Mobile and Smart Android Phone repairing course, they find that the course is offered in the fully theoretical way covering the entire basic mobile phones theories which are somehow not implemented in constructing the smart phones. The book consists of countless circuit diagrams which are totally non understanding without the basic knowledge of simple mobiles. Advance institute is the best Institute for smart mobile phone repairing in Colombo for chip level and card level with software and hardware module, we design our curriculum in such a way that the non matriculate students can also begin from basic to advanced level repairs of simple mobile to smart mobiles phones and expertise in it by completing the training from us.
Things which make us seprate from other mobile repairing training institute in Colombo:
1. we provides 80% Practical and 20% theoretical curriculum to our students.
2. we provide training of latest and smart mobiles phones like Blackbeery, iphone, Nokia, Samsung Touch androide Phones and other modules.
3. we provides fault tracing classes in our modern and highly maintained labs.
4. we provides seprate service classes.
5. After the course, we provide best study material and solution CDs.
6. we provide life life technical support and job placement.
Our Branches in Sri Lanka for Mobile Repairing:
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