Laptop Or Mobile Repairing Course In Bangalore.

laptop and mobile chip level training institute in bangalore
Laptop Or Mobile Repairing Institute in Bangalore

Advance Institute provides three types of Duration.

1. Laptop Or Mobile course in 3 Months.
Students who are doing jobs can join our Morning and evening 2 hours batch and complete laptop or Mobile course within 3 months.
2. Laptop or Mobile course in 1 Month.
We provide Special Fast track course for those students wants to complete course within 1 Month, can join our Fast track Course taking 4 Hour Class daily.
2. Laptop or Mobile course in 10 Days.
This is the Crash course, for those students who are doing job or their own business, they can complete their course within 10 Days taking full day class.
Topics we Covered in Basic Laptop Or Mobile Repairing Course
  • Aware about all laptop Bios Setting
  • learn how to Create windows Partition & Formatting
  • installation of different windows.
  • Learn to make Driver Backup & Restore it.
  • Learn to Repair all Windows and Driver File
  • Lern How recover Data
  • Different types of Virus Problem
  • Learn USB Port and LAN Port Problem
  • Solve Camera Failure Problem
Topics covered in Basic Electronics:
  • Identification of different Resistor
  • Identification of different Capacitor
  • Identification of different coil
  • Identification of different Diode
  • Identification of different Transistor
  • Identification of different Transformer
  • Identification of Mos-fet
  • Identification of Crystal
Know About Different Parts of Laptop:
  • Charger & Adapter
  • Battery
  • hard Drive
  • CD & DVD writer
  • RAM and ROM
  • Keyboard and Touchpad
  • Screen (Lcd/Led)
  • Motherboard
  • Cooling Fan
  • Wifi Card
  • Webcam
Topic Covered in Chip Level Tracing Class:
  • Faults in AC to DC Power Section Testing
  • Faults in Power Supply section
  • Faults in Input output
  • Charging $ discharging section with chip Fault Tracing
  • Faults in CPU Heat control
  • Faults in COM port section
  • Faults in Ethernet section
  • Faults in Sound audio section
  • Faults in Keyboard section
  • Motherboard Voltage Regulator Module Circuit Tracing
Topic Covered in Practical Classes:
  • Learn Hard Disk chip level Repairing and maintenance
  • Learn how to install external Bluetooth/wifi inside a laptop
  • Learn how To break Windows 7 Logon Password In 3 Steps
  • Learn how an image appear on the LCD screen
  • Learn how to Fixing hardware problem without taking apart the Laptop
  • Learn how to Replacing battery cells inside laptop battery
  • How to Testing a laptop memory
  • Learn how to Break BIOS Password
  • How to Work with Digital analog Multimeter
  • Learn how To find dignostic card error codes
  • How to Bios Updating or reprogram
  • How to Trace With oscilloscope
  • How to Hot Testing on working baord
  • How to Working In Adavnce Service Center
Section of laptop mother board:
  • Bridge section
  • Vin section
  • Step down section
  • Clock generator section
  • Rom section(bios)
  • Charging section
  • I/o section
  • Touchpad section
  • Keyboard section
  • Usb section
  • wifi section
  • audio section
  • lan section
  • lvds section
  • sata section
  • CFL section
  • Vrm section
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