LCD or LED Repairing Course In Pondicherry.

led chip level repairing training institte in pondicherry
Chip Level Training for LCD or LED TV

Advance Institute provides three types of Duration.

1. LCD Or LED Training course in 3 Months.
2 HOUR Class Per Day.
2. LCD Or LED Training course in 1 Month.
We provide Special Fast track course for those students wants to complete course within 1 Month, can join our Fast track Course taking 4 Hours Class daily.
2. LCD Or LED Training course in 10 Days.
This is the Crash course, for those students who are doing job or their own business, they can complete their course within 10 Days taking full day class.
Advance Institute is the well known brand of the repairing industry has launched the avanced and new demandable full fledged course for the LCD and LED TV Repairing and maintenance . We are prepared completely soltion of the repairing industry and therefore have prepared a comprehensive course on LED Or LCD repairing and maintenance.


1.About LCD & LED Tv Repairing Technology

2.Basic Electronics Related to LED or LCD TV

3.Fundamental and Identifiction of components

4.Block diagram of LCD & LED

5.Trouble Shooting

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